Nature Conservation in Belize

Learn about nature and wildlife conservation efforts in Belize

Oceana is hard at work protect Belize’s natural resources by opposing offshore drilling in Belize’s waters. The video above shows the beauty of Belize's natural wonder, the Great Blue Hole. Oceana took Prime Minister Barrow's family to get a glimpse of the sheer beauty of the Great Blue Hole. Oceana seeks ... Read More
The photos below were taken by Israeli wildlife photographer and volunteer Eran Gissis at the Fireburn Reseve. The monkeys were released back into the wild as part of the Wildtracks rehabilitation program. Fireburn is a 1818-acre protected area managed in partnership between Wildtracks and the Fireburn Community. It is situated in ... Read More
11/07/2016Eran Gissis
Mr. Tony Carlito Chulin from Belize successfully completed the recent agricultural course Intensive Vegetable Production with Efficient Water Management. The course was conducted by MATC, MASHAV's International Agricultural Training Center which since 1963 specializes in human capacity building and training programs in the fields of agriculture, water management, environment and ... Read More
Member of Knesset Yael Cohen-Paran recently acknowledged Belize, through the its consulate in Israel, for its participation in the inauguration of This is My Earth. Her letter of appreciation is as follows: The Honorable Yoram Naor Honorary Consul, Belize Your Excellency, Thank you for your participation in March 28th, 2016 inauguration of This is ... Read More
Belize changed my life. It might be a small country, but it is full of character and I could have stayed there for ever. I came to Belize to volunteer in Wildtracks, a wildlife rehabilitation center, that have both a Manatee and a Primate programs. I came for the manatees ... Read More
14/09/2015Eran Gissis